Our mission is to produce quality faith based content that transcends human tribulations through story telling

God’s message and deliverance through faith based movies

Dedicated to bringing faith based compelling human stories to life on the screen

Have you ever wondered why so many people are falling away from the faith?

We believe that there is strength in numbers and that we can build something truly powerful in the name of Jesus.

We can change people’s lives and the world through faith based content.



What we do

Film Production

We create our own in-house films, documentaries and commercials and may partner with other companies and script writers to tell great stories.

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Production Design

Accentuate your story with amazing expert set design and other visual elements.

Film Festival

RedHeart Faith in Film is an International Film Festival and Screenwriting Competition.

Our vision is to create a platform that will launch the careers of faith based filmmakers and screenplay writers while introducing faith based films to mass audiences– stay tuned for more info!

Central Florida Film Resources

Full crew, production design, actors & extras, location scouting, permitting, equipment rentals, catering and other supplies & services.

Meet Alexandra Balda

Founder and Executive Producer of RedHeart Productions, offering quality faith based production services in Orlando and Central Florida

Alexandra received her Bachelor of Science in Dentistry, however, she wasn’t destined to practice. Instead, she followed her heart, pursuing her passion for visual storytelling and film. Little did she know that God was orchestrating circumstances around her life to find her and bring her back to Him. Recently, she experienced a direct, spiritual revelation of Christ and she had no doubt that God had supernaturally delivered her. 

With a soft spot for silent films and a keen eye for directing and producing, Alexandra’s vision is to continue to build upon her personal encounter with Christ while inspiring other filmmakers and distributors to make and distribute more content with elements of faith with the purpose to change people’s lives and the world.



RedHeart Productions finances and produces its own short films in addition to working with other creatives and clients.


Watch some of our work:

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If you have a script you'd like to bring to the screen, or if you need local expertise and production support for a project, please get in touch

Keep up with us and local film industry news via our blog and our Instagram account.

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